The following pharmacies are ones that work directly with Dr. Bhatt. All the products come with a guarantee from the manufacturer (which does not come with products purchased from non-veterinary approved pharmacies). Once you create an account, Dr. Bhatt will be notified with your request for approval prior to purchasing ability.



Traditional preventatives and medications can be purchased through VetSource. Products such as Heartgard, Interceptor, Frontline, Nexgard and Adequan.


Created, owned and managed only by veterinarians. All the products from VRS have the scientific literature backing the supplements and their line of diets.

-Omega Benefits

-Osteo TruBenefits

-Entero TruBenefits

-Transparent Nutrition


Natural Partners focuses on providing high quality extracts, supplements and herbs specifically manufactured by companies like Ayush Ayurveda and Kan Herbs.



Wellevate is another dispensing pharmacy for high quality supplements and herbs. This dispensary has Thorne products for animals.