Traditional Diagnostics, Preventatives and Treatments

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Arya Animal Acupuncture is not set up to be a traditional hospital on wheels. A large part of veterinary medical care is centered upon the exam and history. Depending on the type of diagnostics, preventatives and treatments needed, some may be available to you while others may need a referral.

Each patient is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. What the patient needs regarding diagnostics (e.g blood work), treatments (e.g. medications, surgery, etc.) and preventatives (e.g. vaccines) will be discussed before, during and/or after the consult. When and where these options can be provided will also be discussed.

In some cases for at-home visits, Dr. Bhatt may need assistance in handling your pet. This is dependent on yours, your pet’s and Dr. Bhatt’s comfort levels. If necessary, a veterinary technician will accompany Dr. Bhatt during such visits.


Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, Food therapy

Prior to acupuncture, Dr. Bhatt will perform both a routine and Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) evaluation. This involves a detailed history, tongue & pulse diagnosis and evaluation of previous records.

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If referred by your primary general practitioner, Dr. Bhatt will restrict treatment to only TCM modalities. If Dr. Bhatt suggests further tests or treatments, she will communicate them directly to your primary practitioner. This honors the referral bond between both doctors.

Dr. Bhatt typically combines the use of Chinese herbs and acupuncture. She will also suggest certain foods (if you cook) to add into the current diet, or may suggest a complete diet change for the benefit of your pet’s health.

Some patients do not enjoy acupuncture, while others will not take Chinese herbs. The treatment modality is chosen based on the patient's and client’s comfort levels. When neither acupuncture nor herbs are possible then suggested recipes will be offered to heal the patient via Food Therapy.


Essential Oil Treatments

Dr. Bhatt has recently started to incorporate the use of essential oils into her acupuncture practice. Typically there is no charge when she utilizes the oils during her acupuncture sessions. However, a specific oil may be suggested for you or your pet to use for the healing process, for which you have an option to purchase.

There are various techniques that can be used with essential oils, from aromatherapy to topical application. Please do not use oils without consulting with a knowledgeable practitioner as some oils can be hazardous to an animal’s health.

A specific essential oil therapy is called “Raindrop Therapy”. This method utilizes the healing properties of essential oils with the patient’s energy fields. The therapy can be extremely rewarding both medically and spiritually for the patient, client and practitioner. A Raindrop session can vary from 30-60-min.


Energy Healing

“Reiki” is a Japanese word for “Universal Life Force” and has been in existence for thousands of years. Dr. Bhatt has been attuned to Reiki Level II - allowing her to transmit energy healing to others. Her hope is to eventually channel this meditating energy to further detect abnormalities with patients and heal them while practicing.


putting It All Together-into the toolbox

Modern day diagnostics have allowed us to know so much more about patients compared to ancient days of medicine. However, since the beginning of time, etchings in caves and ancient scriptures described methods of healing well before the advent of modern day medicine. From the Sumarian civilization, Indian Sanskrit scriptures, Egyptian scrolls, Chinese writings to Native American rituals – all describe healing properties that modern day science has discounted due to lack of research. Albeit modern day research is critical for scientific advancements, it cannot always explain the modern day miracle – often described as “faith”.

We all have energies (Qi) in our bodies that we are born with. There are centers (Chakras) along the body that harness those energies. Pathways (Meridians) have been identified to move the Qi through the Chakras. The Universal Energy (Reiki) can be channeled to further harness the Qi that runs along the Meridians through the Chakras. Acupuncture is used to strengthen that Qi and keep it moving along the meridians – decreasing “stagnation”, which is manifested as disease or pain.

Integrating all the tools provided by eastern philosophies with modern day medicine can help balance the patient’s body.

Dr. Bhatt says, “whether you are a practitioner of science and/or of the ethereal, at the end of the day there has to be some faith in what one is working with. There’s really only one important power – The Power of Intention”.

Dr. Bhatt offers all these services from her veterinary “Toolbox”. Choose what works for you and your pet.