"Beefy's gnawing and chewing at his skin has persisted. My regular vet had run out of options for him, so I took the recommendation of my good friend [  ] and called Priya Bhatt, D.V.M., MS, CVA, CVMMP of Arya Animal Acupuncture. She came over tonight and spent nearly 2 hours with us, educated me a TON, did a complete exam, treated Beefy with acupuncture, and prescribed herbs and a new diet to cool him (following Chinese medicine concepts which are new to me). I'm doing a total review of possible environmental allergens, and will keep him on a low dose of prednisolone until Dr. Bhatt wants him off. We still may need to see a veterinary dermatologist, but I hope we can make progress with holistic medicine via Dr. Priya Bhatt at"

--Renea O., Schaumburg, IL

"Dr. Bhatt has been a welcome addition to our family over the past 2 years.  She was recommended to us by a Neurological Vet at Arboretum View and we are ever grateful to them and her!  She came into our home and helped our 12 year old French Bulldog through acupuncture and electrical stimulation and herbs.  

"Our dog Paris' rear legs didn't work anymore although she could support herself.  We feel that through the regimen of herbs and acupuncture, we were given more quality time with Paris.  Dr. Bhatt would change her herbs to suit our dogs needs.  I was always amazed at how she just knew which herbs were right for her.  She was always on top of giving her the best care.  

"Paris was almost always willing to have acupuncture and loved Dr. Bhatt. We did our best together to keep Paris healthy and happy.  When that was no longer possible, Dr. Bhatt, was there to help us say goodbye to Paris and help her to the Rainbow Bridge.  She was 14-1/2 years old.  We may not have Paris anymore, but we have gained a wonderful friendship with Dr. Bhatt.  She will be our "traveling vet" when we decide to get another dog."

--Virginia G., Western Springs, IL

"I have known Dr. Bhatt for more than 5 years.  She is amazing - as a doctor and as a person.  At one time I had 5 cats and 2 dogs.  She is so wise and compassionate; and I could trust that she would be honest with me about when it was time to let go.  Because of her integrated knowledge and experience of western AND eastern medicine I was able to keep my wonderful Buddy for two years after the onset of his issues related to aging.  I lost him when he was 18.  I would follow her anywhere to take care of my remaining family."

--Marty K., Franklin Park, IL

"Dr. Priya Bhatt is an incredible veterinarian, and is highly knowledgeable in many protocols and alternative therapies. She is such a compassionate and caring person and I am proud to call her my friend. She cared for Sonny the past few years and recommended supplements and Chinese herbs to help him keep his immune strong while fighting cancer. She definitely had a place in Sonny's heart! Ron and I both highly recommend her. Here is her new website - check her out!"

--Cheryl S., Carol Stream, IL

"My 5 yr old Ellie- She and her 2 sisters were abused by a man and his son when Great Lakes Lab Rescue saved them at 5 months old. The external wounds healed and her 2 sisters, Sadie and Peanut, found their furever. But Ellie suffered brain damage from the abuse and was not able to be adopted out. We had her on 2 different meds in an effort to help her but she's just not right in the head. It took us years to get her to where she is now. She never relaxed enough to rest comfortably in the grass, or roll around on her back. She always had to be touching me in bed or on the couch and never came looking for affection. We thought this was as far as she'd get. Until Dr. Bhatt & "Arya Animal Acupuncture" came into our lives (she's treating Duke for his disc issue). She put Ellie on herbs and look at her now! We've had such success we pulled her off one of her meds. Hopefully the other will follow. I have lots more room in bed and on the couch now, and she comes up to me looking for love as you see in the pic below. I'm incredibly thrilled with how much better Duke is, but to see the change in Ellie brings happy tears to my eyes. Dr Priya Bhatt is a miracle worker IMO, and proof that there's a place for eastern medicine in veterinary care. Thank you Dr. Bhatt from the bottom of my heart!"

--Dianne A., Naperville, IL



HUGE thanks to our fantastic veterinarian Priya Bhatt for coming to our house tonight to check on our dog, Angel! Angel, Chloe, and Bailey enjoyed the visit. We appreciate the continued care and compassion that all three receive to ensure they are healthy and happy!

--David R., Bartlett, IL

"After 8 acupuncture treatments by Dr Priya Bhatt of Dr. Bhatt & "Arya Animal Acupuncture" Duke is doing great! He's off all pain meds and steroids. No signs of pain at all. The lump on his spine (site of disc bulge/inflammation) is nearly gone. He's slightly wobbly but nowhere near what he was. I know he'll never be 100% again but if this is as good as it gets for him at 10ish, I'm thrilled!! Duke will now just get acupuncture every 3 weeks and will continue taking herbs. And maybe an occasional trip to the Chiropractor.

As if that wasn't enough, his Psychogenic Polydipsia has gone away too. It caused him to drink excessive amounts of water cuz his brain wasn't getting the "I'm not thirsty anymore" signal, making him pee for days. So we had to closely monitor his water intake. Not anymore.

I'm beyond grateful to Dr Bhatt for her help with my boy. She can help your pet too as acupuncture helps a wide variety of maladies. And she comes to your house for treatment. How great is that? Tell her I sent you.

Some think I go to crazy lengths to help my pets. But I have to know I've tried EVERYTHING I possibly could for them, turned over every rock, otherwise I'd never forgive myself. And if you say - it's just a dog. I'll tell you you're just an idiot."

--Dianne A., Naperville, IL

"Dr. Priya Bhatt is an Angel for our babies. My baby girl Jackie was diagnosed with Kidney failure and treated for a week when we finally had to say goodbye to her. Dr Bhatt was the most loving, caring, and compassionate person with Jackie and us. She treated and cared for Jackie like she was her own and constantly keeping me posted with the most details possible. Not once did she hesitate to take my call or call me whenever there were any changes, good or bad. She also was very honest about what treatments Jackie needed, it was clear she was also conscience of my costs with also having the best interest of Jackie. I couldn't have trusted my baby girl with anyone else."

--Lorena M., Carol Stream, IL


This is going to be a busy day for my little man (Hayward) He has an appointment with [   ] for a blood draw to help us try to figure out how to further treat him. We will have the blood panel results on Wednesday. Then straight away to see Dr. Priya Bhatt for acupuncture.

We have seen improvement, but he still has moments of nystagmus, head swaying and circling.  His appetite has improved and have seen him nibbling from the pellet bowl and eating hay.. He is still very enthusiastic about his Emeraid critical care and cilantro and parsley . Thank goodness!

Considering what he is going through and his age, he simply amazes me!

--Tammy J., Dekalb, IL