Passionate, Dedicated and Driven


DVM, Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine – UIUC – 2009

MS, Masters of Science (Summa Cum Laude) – Equine Physiology – Cal Poly Pomona – 2005

BS, Bachelors of Science – Psychobiology – UCLA – 2002


CVMMP, Certified Veterinary Medical Manipulation Practitioner (aka "Animal Chiropractic") -- IVMI - 2017

Advanced Veterinary Acupuncturist -- Chi Institute - 2016

CVA, Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist– Chi Institute – 2013

Certified Veterinary Food Therapist -- pending completion of report

Reiki Level I – Usui Shiki Ryoho Method of Natural Healing– 2015

Reiki Level II - Usui Shiki Ryoho Method of Natural Healing - 2016

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2019 PresidenT

of the

Chicago Veterinary Medical Association

Member of Illinois State Veterinary Medical Association


Dr. Priya Bhatt is officially termed as an “Integrative Practitioner”. An integrative practitioner blends the knowledge of adjunctive healing modalities with current medical/surgical protocols. She believes in using everything in her “toolbox” to evaluate and treat the patient as a “whole”, rather than just the presented malady – which is often referred to as “holistic medicine”.

Western medical diagnostics, treatments and preventatives are still Dr. Bhatt’s initial choice for evaluating a patient’s condition. However, her experience has proven to her that many patients with chronic ailments benefit from the addition of alternative therapies.

“When I decided to pursue the knowledge of alternative healing therapies, it was never with the intention to abandon my base knowledge of medicine. The medical field has come so far over just 30-years, and it is our duty as medical practitioners to utilize what the research has developed for us.”

In 2015, Dr. Bhatt launched her own integrative mobile practice, “Arya Animal Acupuncture & Healthcare”. “Arya” means “Noble” in Sanskrit, with the purpose of relaying that each patient she works with is of imperial worth. She designed her business logo to blend both western, eastern and animal qualities.

Nervous of the unknown, she was enthusiastically supported by a large client base, who pushed her to create her own philosophy of patient care by starting her own practice. From clinic to mobile, Dr. Bhatt took the practice of integrative medicine into the patients' homes after seeing how well patients did in their own environment. There is also an advantage of observing the patient's environment and helping the client make accommodations to fit the patient's needs.

“I’ve come to develop a very special bond with my clients and patients. Being welcomed into someone’s home is a very personal gesture, and I honor that invitation with a great deal of respect.”


The Love of My Life - The Reason I Became a Veterinarian - Tasha - Always Remembered and Forever Missed - 2010